Shanghai PYTES Energy Co., Ltd.

Established in Fengxian District, Shanghai in October 2004, Pytes Energy is a leading Li-ion battery solution provider. We offer battery cells to customers as well as customized pack solutions. Our sales, engineers and production personnel work closely with customers to design, build and manage high performance batteries from understanding your demand, making prototypes, testing and certifications to mass production. Should you have any requests on customizing batteries especially on application such as consumer electronic packs, Electric two-wheelers, energy storage, service robots, please feel free reach out to us.

  • Vision

    Create, undertake and share, enable energy everywhere


    Leading lithium-ion battery solution provider

  • Mission

    Create better energy, power a better life

  • Value

    Customer-centric, Integrity, Conscientious and responsible, Hard-working, Focused on innovation, Pragmatic cooperation


    We have set up several manufacturing bases and sales centers in China and other countries during the past years. The business has covered multiple areas including 3C, E-bike, E-motorbike and energy storage etc. We are committed to bringing advanced energy solutions to customers worldwide.

  • Project Experience

    Average annual development projects 300+
    which cover 10 market segments

  • Professional Field Talents

    More than 10 years R&D personnel 10+
    More than 5 years R&D personnel 40+

  • The Team is Innovative

    Our key members have electrochemical background and rich industry experience.
    R&D team is dependable, proactive, and customer-centered.